Funky Robot Disco

Alright. Real quick. I just had to post this song.


Seriously. It has been on repeat. All. Damn. Day.

I don’t remember there being so much hype for an individual song’s release.
Did you see the minute long commercial during SNL? For a song? Insanity. But brilliant as well. Reddit was frothing at the mouth. False stories rumoring leaked versions ran rampant. And fans were stitching together versions just so more than its one minute commercial clip could be enjoyed. Because, let’s be honest, only a minute of this song is the audio equivalent of “just the tip.”

Daft Punk has taken a while to release something new. But FINALLY they have. And then they bring mother effin’ Pharrell (who is goddamn brilliant. And 40! 40!!! He looks 26!). The result?
Pure funky robot disco magic.

Alright. Time to get back to playing the song. On repeat. While shaking my shit.
Because Daft Punk and Pharrell now own my hips.

-J “I’m up all night to get lucky” T


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April 19, 2013 · 8:20 pm

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