Hashtags are #stupid

The title says it all. Hashtags are dumb as shit. I remained quiet on this topic, but now that hashtags have been added to Facebook (which makes no sense), I can no longer contain my rage.


Hashtags started out with good intentions. It was a way for people to search for trending content. Information like the 2007 San Diego fires or the 2009-2010 Iranian election protests. “Twitterers” were able to search those topics and stay up to date on them.

Fast forward a few years and all hell has broken loose.

#It’s #Like #Hashtags #Have #Become #Their #Own #Twisted #Language. And I shit you not people actually type their sentences like that. So from relavent search topics, people are just hashtagging THE FUCK OUT OF  EVERYTHING. It has become a stupid inside joke for people with the brain capacity of this guy:Image

It got bad on Twitter, but the worst offender has to be Instagram. But on both people have started hashtagging things that don’t have a snowcone’s chance in hell of ever trending (again: they are just an inside joke for the dumb). But they didn’t just start hashtagging one or two things. They hastagged every dumbass thought that enters their minds. Here is an Instagram photo that came up on my facebook feed a while back.  8 goddamn hashtags. Image

Honestly… Did she really think #$$$, #cota, or #whips would ever, EVER trend? So instead of trying to add a funny or witty caption, we get 8 pointless hashtags. The stupid hurts my head.

Then… hashtags came to Facebook. And the best(worst?) part… people would add them to the end of their posts BEFORE they were even clickable. So they served no purpose besides making that person look like an unoriginal, unfunny fool.


Now that hashtags are clickable on Facebook, they remain just as pointless. Where on twitter everything is much more public and people shout their brainfarts at the masses… Facebook is (generally) more private. People lock down those security settings. And nothing is going to trend when only your network can see what you post. It’s like trying to join a conversation with other people, but each person trying to take part in the conversation is locked in a different soundproof building. Good luck with that. But hey, at least people can derp-laugh that their failed attempts at being funny now link to a to a couple other people just as equally dumb.

In conclusion: Be original. Try to be funny. Don’t rely on the crutch of the painfully cliche and overused hashtag.





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2 responses to “Hashtags are #stupid

  1. Annonymous

    But but but but hashtags has become more than its function for metadata. They help add context and information for quicker communication. And they also add humor, or a punchline. #youworkinadvertising ? #justplaying #loveyou #yolo

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