Ok. Yes. I’m bad at this. And other things.

I’ve been away for a long, long time. Who knew I was such a lazy piece of shit?

And you know what? I’m not sorry.

Because I don’t have to be. And because life has been a bit crazy.

But I am mad at myself. I need to write more. I want to write more. Pithy headlines, TV/radio scripts and “romanticizing” the food is what I do for my job. And I love it. It’s what I spent 6 years of college building towards. But I need to remind myself the joy of writing whatever the hell I want. Because it is rejuvenating. And because writing what you are told to write and being critiqued on it every day… Well, it can be a bit exhausting. But still. I love it. Exhausting though.

It reminds me of my relationship with running. I ran cross country and track in high school. My coach was a real ball-buster. Good guy, but never really let the fun in the sport see the light. I mean, I still enjoyed the competition, but doing it someone else’s way for so long ended up almost ruining it for me. Because I never just ran on my own to have fun. I’m finally getting back to being able to enjoy a nice run. Granted my dog helps with that. Because that face when I put my running shoes on… damn it’s cute. But yeah. I can’t let that happen with writing. And my dog can’t help with that, obviously.

So here I am. Part writing a blog post because it’s been forever. Part personally reminding myself the joy and release of pounding the keyboard on your own terms. And it feels good.

See you soon. (Hopefully)



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