I’m JT and I don’t like blogs.

So why am I writing a blog then? Here’s why:

  1. I write for a living. In advertising. So, honestly, why not get a little more practice?
  2. Maybe, just maybe, I can entertain a few people with the shit that I say.
  3. Writing is therapeutic. You should try it. But when you do, write like a real person. Say “you,” not “u.” Say “are,” not “r.” And if you “lol,” you better have effing “lol’d.”
  4. Maybe most importantly – I need to vent. I live in my head a little too much. I want a platform to talk about what I want to talk about, when I want to talk about it. So that’s exactly what will happen here.

So. This is my blog. Things may get weird. Things may get angry. But hopefully, things will be at the very least slightly entertaining. And should I offend you with anything I write in the future… I apologize in advance.


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